This blog is about my world, not so much about my work world.  As a business person I have a fair exposure to blogging through my business blogs and corporate websites.  I also contribute to a number of local, provincial and national newsletters, ezines, etc. but on those sites I tend to focus on finance, real estate, and other business related issues and ideas.

On this blog I intend to write and share about philosophy, politics and life in general

Political Philosopher.  Computer geek.  A human being.  A body.  A patient.  Survivor of major surgery. A teacher and trainer.  A soul. A student.  A childhood abuse survivor.  A sometime mental patient.  An out-of-shape athlete who longs to be fit but struggles with diabetes and COPD.  Obese.  My family doctor once referred to me as “a nice man.” Ouch!  A husband,  brother, cousin, nephew, father-in-law, grandfather, formerly a son and grandson. A friend.  A religious penitent who is no longer a member of a church.  An intellectual snob. An achievement of substance over style.

These are the things I intend to share with whatever audience I discover and hope that whatever I share will be of interest.

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